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An erotic, adult visual novel focusing on player choice, branching story-lines, and character development. 


What is Good Girl Gone Bad about? 

You play as Ashley and make choices that will affect her story in a meaningful way. Are you a good girl or a bad one? Will you stay on the right path or deviate and fall prey to the temptations you'll find in your way? Whatever you choose, it will lead to interesting, exciting, and vastly different outcomes.
This game aims to present you with a complex and branching storyline, coherent characters, and a lot of freedom, with meaningful choice mechanics and hand-drawn illustrations different from the usual 3D models. And a lot of kinky scenes and situations!


What will you find in Good Girl Gone Bad?

  • 20+ interesting and varied characters
  • Lots of hand drawn artwork
  • Complex, branching storyline with an emphasis on player freedom, character relationships, and character development
  • The kinks in the full game currently include, but are not limited to, the following:

Oral Sex
Vaginal Sex
Anal Sex
Sex Toys
Interracial Sex (both ways)
Lesbian Sex
Body modification (avoidable)
And more!


Your choices in Good Girl Gone Bad will be judged. Depending on your actions you will either gain Good girl points or Bad girl points. Both unlocking their own set of dialogue options to choose from. Along the way, you will gain Money and Fame. That depends, of course, on how much of a bad girl you become.


Patreon page     Discord InviteOur Red String


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Good Girl Gona Bad (full game PC)
Good Girl Gona Bad (full game MAC)

Download demo

Good Girl Gone Bad - DEMO.zip 737 MB
Good Girl Gone Bad - DEMO.zip 719 MB


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I'm getting the following error when playing the demo: "NameError: name 'fade_in_skill' is not defined", I am unable to finish the demo because of this.

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hi everyone.

i have a quick question: can MC still get pregnant, if she goes with eva to buy birthcontrol pills? or will this lock me out?

thank you in advance


All instances where Ashley gets pregnant are premeditated - she plans ahead. :)


thank you for your answer. so it will be an obvious choice i had to make/its not missable, right


Booy dont fuck with me THAT was a Demo the WhOLE TIME???!!!

10/10 game for sure, gonna buy the rest hehehe

Is this the 1.2 version that includes both of the DLCs?

It is the final version of the game.


Is there an ending where Ashley ends the game in a relationship with Eva?


Yes, there is such ending.

But what do I have to do to get that ending? she always ends up in a relationship with a guy or ends up alone, not in a relationship with the MC


Stay Eva's friend (don't tell her to fuck off or 'don't you dare to judge me') and keep her out of Jack's clutches. At Eric's farewell party pretend to be a lesbian and kiss Eva. Later tell her you liked kissing her. In the gym's shower ask her if she wants to do it again. Soon after you will have an opportunity to have sex with her for the first time ('There is nothing wrong with it'). After that use every occasion to enjoy time together. You will need at least 15 Good points to become Eva's girlfriend.


I got it, I finally got that ending, thanks for the help. Do you know if there is any ending with Natasha?

or are they just casual encounters with her and her boyfriend?


You can't have an ending with her as a girlfriend but she can be your fellow slave on Arthur path (if you invite her to be a birthday fuck for him) or fwb for Jack (if you invite him to your date with her or let her fuck him at the beach event).

Is it normal for me to be unable to download the game in the itch.io app-thing for desktop? It says something about incompatible third party website but I am able to download it just fine if I go to itchio .com


Yeah, that's normal. The wording in the itch app could be a bit clearer. Basically, the itch app can only download games that are hosted on the itch servers. Games that are sold offered through itch but hosted elsewhere you have to download from the itch website. 

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This is 'wow', a type of life simulator. learn about hanging out with wrong crowds and friends but also how you can influence them down the pure or 'bad' path and vice versa. ie you can stay pure/good and influence say your bad friend's dresscode over time.

does this work on joiplay for Android? Or through itch the only is through PC?

Android port is available at Patreon for 5$ tier.


Is pregnancy an option?


Yes, the MC can get pregnant with IIRC two other characters.

Deleted 169 days ago

hi everyone.

planning to buy this game in the near future. i have 2 small questions:

1.) scrolling through the older comments, some of them had problems buying this game from here (itch.io) with paypal. is this currently still a problem? (im not able to buy it on patreon, because of personal stuff)

2.) is there a full walkthrough/guide for this game? preferably written.

thank you in advance


No idea about the first question question, but here's a comprehensive walkthrough. As you can already tell by quickly flipping through the pages, it's a very complex game. I would recommend you go in blind at first and experiment. The walkthrough should only be used once you're trying complete everything this game has to offer.

I've just bought both Eva Kiss' games here with paypal and had zero problems.


confirm no problems on the pp-payment question.


i really liked this game, but i really dont like how jasmin is portrayed - maybe it will get better (im at the massage scene and left and... she reacted) but its kinda sad to see that trans women are represented like that. 

being queer myself and having experiences with many people of many genders, i have not met or been with a single trans woman like that.


The Jasmin character was entirely by design of one of the Patrons from Patreon.

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This is one of the most complex VNs I've ever played. I played it several times. It was nice to fantasize about avoiding the mistakes I made in college. I came out with happy endings for everyone(accept mom). Definitely alot of replay-ability. This game has lewd acts you wouldn't believe.....

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Any decition you make has his  branch and consecuences.  Some good , some bad. I have to make many reruns to see all endings.


This game is absolutely brilliant. I'm starved for erotic, female protag games and this ticks so many boxes.  The sheer amount of computer graphics is amazing and endless and extremely satisfying. Bravo!  


Any plans on adding this to steam?

Probably, the ORS is going to be released there for sure.


I'm having an issue installing the full game on my MAC. It is saying it's hosted on an incompatible third party website. is there a work around?

I hope you've figured it out by now, but if not: Instead of using the itch.io app, just go to itch.io in a browser of your choice (Safari, for example), and download it from there. That should be all it takes.

Does the demo have any sex scenes? Lesbian, straight, or both?


It has both straight and lesbian scenes.


I wish there's more to pregnancy with her fathe


Still excellent 

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awesome game! must play it's a solid 10/10. I love the routes and multi-branching! 


Good game just wish it had a gallery

There is a mod (JDMOD by JohnDupont) that adds gallery to the game.

please more of this game is amazing are there more updates ?


Nope, the game is finished. :)

noooooo :(

Anybody have any walkthrough

I've found some time ago a Scene Guide (with guides for all LIs) on the Internet but I don't know who did it.


This game needs a body count indicator!!  Lil Miss Fux a Lot


Great game. 5/5. At first I was a bit put off by the graphic style and small tits of the heroine, but I quickly got used to the former and realized that I can improve the latter through the story. And the story is really, damn, good. I don't know how many branches there are, but it looks immensely complex with so many options to pursue. It's totally worth the price.

No apk version? :(

It is available for patrons on her Patreon.

ohhhh 馃槸 okay 

pornoapk.com full version

im not sending any links so just look it up yourself good sir or maam

Does this work with joyplay?


Wow, one of the best VN i played so far! I spend hours in this game and tried many routes. All of them were really interesting and hot - I can't wait for more!

Well, the game was finished long time ago so there won't be any new content as Eva has begun developing a new game "Our Red String".


yeah i know now, I already tried "Our Red String" but sadly it didn't hook me like this one :)

I'm sad to hear that. :(
Anyway, take care!


where can i find more this kind of game . girls as main and meet alot of boys~ 

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college craze is another good option, its still currently in the development stage, but I've played for at least 8 hours without running out of content!


Uni amd Rise of the White Flower as well as College Craze


do you intend to make the game for Android one day too?

Version for Android is available on Eva's Patreon (for patrons only, obviously)

Available on F95Zone.

can I change the main characters name

No, you play as established female character (although Ash is pretty blank slate).


oh okay thanks for the reply

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Don 't know why , I couldn't buy this game by Paypal , Strangely , I can buy.other game .....  馃ゴ馃ゴ馃ゴ馃槩馃槬馃槓

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I recommend getting it via patreon, you also get the android link and if u want to pay the 2nd tier u get their other game "Our red string" which is also a rlly good game.

THX, I got it. 馃榿

I was able to purchase via Paypal, but this is the only game so far on itchi.io and the only purchase so far via Paypal, that required me to input information such as my Name & Address, including City, State, Zip Code. Seemed more than a little odd....

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It required me those infos too, but my card isn't support...cannot buy it.馃槵馃槵

Deleted post

Really great game, I especially like the comic graphics.

Lots of choices, haven't tried them all yet.

I'm a big fan of letting my female character do dirty things and use her sexual attractions to her advantage.


Good Girl Done Bad is definitely one of the better visual novels I've played. The choices seem organic and you aren't railroaded in to making one selection or another - I played through as a "good girl" to see how the story played out and was pleasantly surprised. I even cried (if you know, you know!). The writing and graphics are excellent. Thanks for such a good game - looking forward to my next playthrough. Highly recommended!

Game crashes after having sex with Jack in the gym bathroom! Can someone help me?

脥cone "Verificada pela comunidade"


One of the best erotic VNs out there! I'm completely hooked on EvaKiss games now. Between Dave from this game and Ian in the new game, I'm head over heels for these guys! The storyline is great, your choices really do matter, and there is a wide range of characters to get involved with under many different scenarios. I've tried every route path involving Dave, but every other character has multiple paths as well so it will take many different playthroughs to see them all. Even if you avoid the romance portions, the personal story itself is worth reading, but if you do get involved with someone, the scenes are pleasantly intimate and lengthy where you have full control of each scene. Easily rated 9/10 for sure!

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